Tradition and modernity.



Raffaella is an Italian corner born in the Starlite Occident Festival in Marbella, where the passion for music meets the culinary tradition of that country to create a unique dining experience.

At Raffaella, we not only invite you to taste the authentic essence of Italy, but we immerse you in a journey to the traditional Italian Tuscany, where every bite tells a story of flavors that has stood the test of time.

Tradition and modernity blend in a cozy and casual space where our Chef has created a reinterpretation of Italian gastronomy that will transport you to a culinary experience that will awaken your emotions.

The warmth of an authentic Italian trattoria is combined with a contemporary touch that adds freshness to the environment and surprises you with every dish and every moment.

Committed to excellence, every corner of Raffaella reflects our love for quality products.

The freshness of our carefully selected Mediterranean ingredients are responsible for creating a menu that will captivate you from the first bite.
We want every visit to Rafaella to become an unforgettable experience, where hospitality and music merge with the exceptionality of the best Italian cuisine.

Benvenuto Rafaella!

Fresh and mediterranean product.